Scheduling Your Banquet Event

     Use the steps below to when scheduling your Banquet/Event:

         1) Review our Banquet Menus
         Select “Banquets” from our Menu Bar to view the available Banquet menus.

         The menus are printable from each Banquet Menu page.     

         2) Use our - Banquet/Event Online Request 
         Fill out our on-line request form and we will call you for availability dates you requested.

         3) Request an Appointment 
         Schedule an appointment with our Banquet Manager, Fran Seasons, and/or walk the desired space and get a visual of how your function will flow.

         4) Place a Deposit
         Once you have reviewed the menus and find the appropriate room, a deposit is required to secure your Party Event.

         All prices are subject to change without notice.