Entrée’s Accompanied bySoda, coffee, Tea, House made Garlic Bread, Double Baked Mashed Potato, Garlic Green Medley

Choose Three Sides of your Choice  (Includedin the package)~ Salad Lelli, Minestrone Soup, Pasta Bolognese, antipasto tray for (1) per entrée or dessert choice of Ice cream or cannoli

Selections can be modified with event coordinators approval


Prime Filet Mignon (8oz.).
Topped with Lelli’s Original Zip Sauce
Eggplant Parmesan w/ Pasta Marinara.
Rolled in fresh Herb crumbs, topped with melted cheeses
Baby Lamb Chops .
Two doubled rib chops, Zip Sauce
Chilean Sea Bass .
Served with an Anchovy Garlic Butter Sauce
Prime Filet Mignon (6oz.) and Jumbo Prawns .
Topped with Lelli’s Original Sauce
Chicken Lelli .
Rolled in Fresh Herb Crumbs, Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce
6% tax and gratuity are additional to the final bill.
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